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If you have purchased a Groupon, please book your service online under appointments.  Look for Groupon then the name of the facial you purchased. 

**CANCELLATION POLICY:  24 hour notice is required to change or cancel your appointment or a $50 charge will be applied to rebook.

Special price add-on treatments:

Choose either the Rezenerate (for intensive anti-aging Serum infusion) 

or a specialty Collagen mask and Serum for specific areas of the face needing extra attention.  Look under Add-on treatments. 


 The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial + Eye & Lip Collagen Mask for only $95!

(save $75)

This special anti-aging facial combines 4 technologies to exfoliate, rejuvenate and firm the skin.  

*Purchase up to 3 of these at this incredible price.

Rezenerate Anti-Aging Facial

with Pumpkin Enzyme - $75

(save $40)

Pumpkin gently exfoliates dead skin, while Rezenerate infuses nourishing serums.  

NEW Enzyme Express Facials!

A 45 minute results oriented facial that includes enzyme exfoliation, ultrasonic extractions, serums and mask.  Regular price $75. 

SPECIAL - Buy 2 - Get 1 FREE!

Skin Essential FAQs

Which Facial treatment should I choose?

FAQ:  If it is your first treatment at Skin Essentials, schedule any facial you choose. We will do a consultation at the start of your appointment to determine which treatment will best address your skincare goals.  

How often should I have a facial?

FAQ:  This is best determined by what your skin care goals are.  To make improvements, we may do a series of treatments 7-14 days apart.  Once we have your skin in good condition, 4 to 6 weeks for a maintenance treatment is usually ideal.  

What is the Rezenerate Facial?

FAQ:  Rezenerate is one of the newest and most innovative technologies in the skin care industry.  It uses cutting edge NanoTechnology to deliver the ultimate results for your skin.  The Rezenerate facial consists of cleansing, exfoliation, extractions followed by the Rezenerate tool which painlessly creates microscopic permeations in the skin, allowing for greater nutrient absorption and plumping of the skin.  It is followed by a hydrating mask.